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Twitter Redesigns iOS App for One-Handed Scrolling

Twitter has rolled out a subtle redesign of its iOS app, making it more convenient to use for those who hold their device one-handed. The compose button has been moved to the bottom right-hand corner and “floats” as users scroll down their timeline. That means the button is always available to quickly send a tweet […]

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6 Great Examples of Brands Using Twitter Effectively

Twitter may not be the flashiest or trendiest social network the past few years. It’s not as sexy as Snapchat, doesn’t change as quickly as Instagram, and isn’t in the news as often as Facebook. There’s significantly less “keeping up” to do with Twitter than with its alternatives. While that should be a good thing, […]

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Twitter Bumps Live Streams to the Top of the Timeline

Twitter announced it will display live streams more prominently, bumping them to the top of users’ timelines. This change only applies to followed accounts, so users won’t suddenly start seeing live streams from accounts they don’t follow. While live streams can be rewatched after the fact, it sounds like they will only appear at the […]

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