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Study Shows AMP Can Lead to Increase in Organic Search Traffic

A study on the impact of accelerated mobile pages (AMP) on search performance shows a positive correlation between AMP and organic traffic. Stone Temple and WompMobile collaborated on what they say is the first comprehensive, large-scale study of AMP. The study examines the performance of 26 web domains and more than 9-million AMP pages. Results […]

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New Study Shows How Much SEO Professionals Are Earning Per Year

A recent study on the local search industry reveals how much the average SEO professional earns in a year, and what they bill per hour. Data is based on responses from 650 local marketers and collected by Bright Local in its seventh annual report. Participants in the study include a range of agencies, local businesses, […]

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Google Shows Personalized Search Results When Logged Out, According to New Study

Google still personalizes search results even when users are logged out or in private browsing mode, according to a study from DuckDuckGo. It’s commonly known that Google personalizes search results while users are logged in based on their account information and browsing history. However, this new study concludes that it’s not possible to use Google […]

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