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Your Guide to Picking the Right KPIs for Content

Every digital marketing campaign has key performance indicators (KPIs). Most of the time, profitability is a main factor in the KPIs. In every digital marketing campaign, you have multiple channels and every channel requires different strategies and tactics. Many of these channels deal with content. In the SEO world, you may have heard the phrase […]

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15 Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Content KPIs

With more brands and enterprises making the transition to full-blown digital publishers and media entities, demand is greater than ever in two crucial areas: Accountability in spending. Better understanding of how content drives business objectives at different levels. As a result, marketers are pushing harder to measure content – not just at the transactional level […]

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The 9 Most Important SEO KPIs You Should Be Tracking

Your website is beautiful. You’ve invested heavily into content marketing. You’ve spent countless hours developing buyer personas and zeroing in on your target audience. Now it comes time to present your efforts to your client, or share the latest campaign developments with the higher-ups. How can you prove success? How can you demonstrate value in […]

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