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Google: Don’t Blindly Stuff Text into Ecommerce Category Pages

Google’s John Mueller cautions ecommerce site owners about adding unnecessary text to category pages. This topic came up today during a Twitter chat about ecommerce sites. There was a discussion about improving pages and whether or not adding more text is considered an improvement. Mueller was tagged in the chat and chimed in saying site […]

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6 Reasons Your Ecommerce Site Needs a Blog Booster Shot

In content marketing, it’s often all about the B2Bs. But what about you? The small online business owners, the B2Cs, the local marketers? Are the benefits of blogging the same for your business or clients? Yes. Content: Builds trust, authority, and search engine rankings. Drives traffic from search organically. Builds brand awareness and loyalty. Helps […]

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5 Ways Ecommerce Brands Should Approach Content Marketing

Ecommerce is the present and the future. Perhaps the clearest reminder of this happened recently when Sears filed for bankruptcy. As more brick-and-mortar conglomerates bite the dust and online sales continue to climb, the ability of a smaller ecommerce brand to stand above the crowd will determine its life or death. As many businesses know at […]

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