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Google Makes it Easier to Visit Web Pages from Image Search Results

An update to Google Images makes it easier for users to visit the original web page that an image is featured on. This will be helpful to searchers and has the potential to send more traffic to publishers. However, there’s a catch. In order for pages to benefit from this update, they need to be […]

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Facebook Makes it Easier to Understand Why an Ad is Shown

Facebook will now provide even more detail when users click on “Why am I seeing this ad?” In an effort to address concerns about the information being hard to understand Facebook is making two changes. More Reasons Why Facebook will show people more reasons why a particular ad was served to them. Previously, “Why am […]

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Google Makes it Easier to Find Work-From-Home Jobs

Google is making it easier for job searchers in the US to find work-from-home positions. Users can now search for jobs in Google and filter their location to “work from home” to find remote jobs. This filter will help users find jobs that are listed as either “remote,” “work from home,” or “telecommute. Job hunters […]

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Google Makes it Easier for Users to Delete Search History

Google is making it easier for users to delete their search history without having to leave search and go through multiple account menus. Or, as Google phrases it: “Today, we’re making it easier for you to make decisions about your data directly within the Google products you use every day, starting with Search.“ Without leaving […]

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Search Engine Optimization Has Never Been Easier

Search Engine Optimization Has Never Been Easier There is not reason to have a website that no one can find. You want your site to sit atop search engines everywhere in order to be profitable. Figuring out how a search engine is operated will help you to get results that help you. The following tips […]

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