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What to Do When Your Data Doesn’t Match

As digital marketers, we swear by the necessity of data to guide our every step in building, optimizing, and reporting. But what do you do when the data doesn’t line up between Google Ads and Google Analytics, or between Facebook Ads and your client’s CRM? How do you respond when your client or boss questions […]

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Google’s Disavow Tool Doesn’t Work With Search Console Domain Properties

Google’s disavow links tool apparently doesn’t work with the new domain properties in Search Console. This was discovered yesterday by Kristen Stack who alerted us to the issue on Twitter: Did you know you can’t disavow in new GSC? Verified a domain property a couple months ago – I wanna ❌ a gambling site that […]

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Why Content Marketing for Law Firms Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

The legal field often gets a bad rap for being, well, boring. Particularly when it comes to marketing. Many digital marketers cower at the thought of tackling such a competitive niche and often shy away from any project that has the label “legal” tacked in front of it. Not only is there the connotation of […]

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