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5 Ways SEO Helps Marketers Work Smarter with Bigger Brands

If you take the same approach to big brands as all other companies you work with, you are limiting your results. This is true regardless if you’re working in-house or on the agency side of digital marketing Larger brands have unique challenges and untapped potential. But you can easily get lost in the red tape […]

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New Data Reveals How Much Brands Are Paying Influencers

Sponsored content from social media influencers is getting more expensive, with video content commanding the highest price. In fact, the rising costs are listed as one of the top marketing challenges when it comes to working with influencers. A new report from eMarketer reveals that even nano-influencers, defined as having between 500 and 5,000 followers, […]

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Instagram Lets Brands Sell Products Directly Through the App

Instagram is rolling out an ecommerce solution for brands which will allow them to sell products in the app. ‘Checkout on Instagram’ is currently being tested in a closed beta with a select number of major brands. Brands with access to this feature can add a ‘Checkout on Instagram’ button to the product page of […]

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17 Simple & Effective SEO Tweaks Brands Should Make This Year

SEO is an involved and strategic process, but not every SEO change you make needs to be a difficult overhaul. Instituting small but important fixes and tweaks can have an important impact on your rankings. Here are some fairly simple changes we recommend making over the course of the year. 1. Optimize Your Titles & […]

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5 Ways Ecommerce Brands Should Approach Content Marketing

Ecommerce is the present and the future. Perhaps the clearest reminder of this happened recently when Sears filed for bankruptcy. As more brick-and-mortar conglomerates bite the dust and online sales continue to climb, the ability of a smaller ecommerce brand to stand above the crowd will determine its life or death. As many businesses know at […]

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6 Great Examples of Brands Using Twitter Effectively

Twitter may not be the flashiest or trendiest social network the past few years. It’s not as sexy as Snapchat, doesn’t change as quickly as Instagram, and isn’t in the news as often as Facebook. There’s significantly less “keeping up” to do with Twitter than with its alternatives. While that should be a good thing, […]

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