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Twitter Accidentally Reveals Private Tweets of Android Users

A Twitter bug has prevented the “Protect Your Tweets” setting from working as intended for some Android users. What is particularly notable about this bug is that it has been impacting users over a period of several years. The company disclosed that the bug began affecting users on November 3, 2014. It wasn’t fixed until […]

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Facebook Cannot be Deleted from Certain Android Phones

Facebook is causing an uproar amongst Android phone owners after discovering the app cannot be permanently deleted. Specifically, owners of Samsung phones cannot permanently delete Facebook as a result of a pre-install deal made between the two companies. Facebook can only be “disabled” on Samsung phones, which means the app will forever remain on the […]

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Google Assistant Gets Redesigned on iOS and Android

Google’s Assistant app has been redesigned on iOS and Android to be equally accommodating for both voice and touch input. Originally designed primarily for voice input when introduced two years ago, Google says nearly half of all interactions with Assistant include both voice and touch. “The new design combines the best of text and talk […]

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